Whatever you are be a good one.
I love my family, friends, and the Crimson Tide. I live everyday trying to be better than I was the day before. Im not saying I am perfect and some days are harder than others but, this is my journey through the good and bad days. Hakuna Matata.
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Hey y’all!

I know a lot of people on here might be interested in going to TomorrowWorld in September and I am one of their ambassadors. Pretty much I have the coolest job on the planet. I just invite people to TomorrowWorld! Anyways, I would love for everyone to reblog and spread the message that if your interested in getting the most out of your TomorrowWorld ticket…

Click the Link above and…

For the Ambassador code use: EDMyBama

For doing this you will receive a TomorrowWorld giftbag and will be entered in a drawing for a FREE VIP UPGRADE!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to message me!!

See y’all in September!!!

Occasionally, I still get the Genovia National Anthem stuck in my head. 

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